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A friendly, approachable chatbot that's more helpful the more you use it. Helpful for an introduction to emotional support or maintenance for those receiving professional services. Features include: personalized conversations, gratitude journal, mood tracker, regular check-ins.
Focus Topics
Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Wellbeing
Time Commitment
Can be used whenever, but more frequent use leads to a better experience
Recommended Ages
Skills Fostered
Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Improving Happiness, Self-monitoring

Populations Most Likely To Benefit:

People dipping their toe into mental health support and who are ready for a sustained commitment. Simple, approachable language for people of all backgrounds. Useful to combat loneliness.

Suggested Use:

Use as much as possible. The chatbot will learn from your interactions and will become more useful over time.

Favorite Features:

Friendly chatbot, gratitude journal, mood tracker, regular check-ins

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