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NYC Well’s resource database is a comprehensive and searchable public database of behavioral health and substance misuse services in New York City.

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Inclusion/Exclusion Policy


The database will include:

  • Programs, services, and/or providers that offer support, harm reduction, care coordination, individual/group/family therapy, psychiatric or substance use rehabilitation, psychotropic medication, medication assisted treatment, and withdrawal management (detox) for those experiencing or at risk of experiencing mental health or substance use issues
  • Programs should be located and/or serve residents of the 5 boroughs of New York City. Gateway numbers for major information and referral, mental health, substance use, and crisis intervention hotlines outside of New York City will also be listed
  • Programs, services and/or providers licensed/designated by or in contract with a City or State Agency responsible for services related to mental health, substance use, developmental disabilities or related social determinants (e.g., NYC DOHMH, NYC DSS, NYC ACS, NYS DOH, NYS OASAS, NYS OPWDD, NYS OTDA) mental health and substance use disorder programs located in the 5 boroughs of New York City
  • Mutual support groups (self-help groups) focused on mental health and/or substance use issues
  • Programs serving those with developmental disabilities
  • Crisis services including mobile crisis teams, crisis respite centers, crisis hotlines, and overdose resources
  • Programs that offer assistance with basic needs and social determinants of mental health and substance use that can be accessed by the public, such as:
    • Homeless services: must offer walk-in/drop-in services, such as: intake shelters and homeless outreach services. Gateway numbers for homeless services will also be listed
    • Domestic Violence shelters: Domestic Violence Hotlines that can assist callers who need a referral to a domestic violence shelter will be listed
    • Supportive Housing resources for people with mental health or substance use disorders
    • Gateway numbers to food access
    • Vocational rehabilitation
    • Legal services which provide free or nominal fee assistance in areas such as: eviction prevention, domestic violence, custody and other family law services, and legal advocacy
  • Gateway referral numbers that provide referrals to those in private practice will be listed. For example, American Psychological Association. Providers in private practice or private group practices are not listed at this time
    • Abuse (child/elder) reporting numbers
    • HIV services
    • Disaster services
    • Health Homes

Exclusion or removal:

  • Does not meet the above criteria for consideration for inclusion
  • Engages in unlawful discrimination
  • Promotes or provides illegal services
  • Misrepresents its mission, goals, or practices
  • Requires paid membership
  • Fails to provide services that are promised, advertised or contracted
  • Mandates any particular religious custom or behavior, such as praying, as 
part of service or in exchange for service
  • Does not respond to requests from NYC Well to update listing information on at least an annual basis.


  • A new program form needs to be completed for each program requesting to be included. If the parent Agency is not already in the database, a new agency form will be issued for completion.
  • Agencies that are excluded will be notified.  Agencies wishing to appeal exclusion shall submit a letter in writing to the NYC Well Program Director.
  • Resource Department will seek approval from the NYC Well Program Director before removing a resource for any reason other than the resource no longer being offered or the resource requesting removal.
  • All records in the database will be updated at least annually

Additional Considerations

  • All programs listed should have a demonstrated ability to provide the service it purports to provide, as indicated by information from consumers and/or professionals.
  • All programs should be licensed or certified or in contract with a City or State Agency (e.g., NYC DOHMH, NYC DSS, NYC ACS, NYS DOH, NYS OASAS, NYS OPWDD, NYS OTDA where an industry-accepted standard licensing or certification procedure exists for the service.
  • There is no fee for inclusion in the NYC Well database.