Crisis ServicesNYC offers many kinds of help in a crisis but it is sometimes hard to know which is right for you or a loved one. Call 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355) and we will help you find what you need.

Know Who to Call

We’re often asked, “What’s the difference between a crisis, an emergency and a disaster?” Click here for information on the difference between these three situations and what the best course of action might be in each situation.

Mobile Crisis Teams

NYC Well is the single point of access for Mobile Crisis Team Services in New York City, operating 24/7/365.

Crisis Respite Centers

Crisis Respite Centers serve people who anticipate or are experiencing a mental health crisis and provide a temporary residential stay in a warm, safe, and supportive home-like environment where the person is free to come in and out of the building as they please.

Helping Friends Or Family In Crisis

If You Think Someone You Know May Be Considering Suicide.

Safety Plan

Recognize Your Triggers, Know Where to Turn for Help, and Know How to Keep Yourself Safe.

Crisis Plans

A way to let people know how best to care for you, in the event that others need to take over responsibility for care.

Psychiatric Advance Directives

Psychiatric Advance Directives are used to appoint a health care agent and/or make your wishes and instructions known regarding your mental and physical health care. Click here to download a sample PAD.

Home Based Crisis Intervention

Service for children and adolescents who do not need immediate hospitalization