Know When You’re Stressed


Do you feel…

  • Anxious or full of worry?
  • Unable to concentrate?
  • Achy or more sick than usual?
  • Sad or generally unhappy?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Irritable or short tempered?
  • Lonely or alone?

People Sitting on a Bus

Are You Having Trouble…

  • Concentrating or remembering things?
  • Relaxing?
  • Getting your work done?
  • Making good decisions?

Girl With a Sparkler

Have You…

  • Lost your sex drive?
  • Misused alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to “feel better”?
  • Been sleeping too much or too little?
  • Been eating too much or too little?
  • Isolated yourself from friends and family?
  • Neglected your responsibilities?

If you think stress might be affecting your life, call 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355) anytime for support and resources.