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Stop, Breathe & Think

Guided meditation app which includes daily emotional check-ins. Track mood and progress.
Focus Topics
Mindfulness, Stress, Wellbeing
Time Commitment
5 minutes/day
Recommended Ages
All ages, with certain restrictions and custom content for kids 5-10
Skills Fostered
Meditation, Sleep

Populations Most Likely To Benefit:

Someone seeking to build an audio-based meditation practice and track their emotional state. Suitable for Spanish speakers and those who prefer to engage using a guest profile.

Suggested Use:

Learn to check in with your emotions to achieve relaxation and decrease stress

Favorite Features:

Attuned check-ins, progress tracking, Spanish content

Download Stop, Breathe & Think

Cost of App:

Free. Extra: After 1 week, limited free content starts becoming redundant. The basic meditation content is free. Subscriptions of $9.99 per month or $58.99 per year unlock 60+ additional meditations, eight yoga and acupressure videos, and six additional soundscapes and chimes for the meditation timer.

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