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Smiling Mind

Free meditation app with age-group specific content that teaches mindfulness to improve overall emotional well-being and decrease stress.
Focus Topics
Mindfulness, Wellbeing
Time Commitment
Regular, consistent practice recommended
Recommended Ages
All ages, with teen-specific content
Skills Fostered
Meditation, Sleep

Populations Most Likely To Benefit:

People of all ages seeking to improve their general emotional well-being by introducing mindfulness to their mental health toolbox. Content is divided by age category, allowing for tailored content.

Suggested Use:

Smiling Mind advocates for regular use when first learning mindfulness skills. Once the skills are mastered, no need for the app to help implement this new tool for mental health prevention.

Favorite Features:

Testers particularly liked brevity of content, which made the activities very easy to follow. They also specifically recommend the sleep-focused content.

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Cost of App:

Free. Extra: None

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