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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-based strategies targeting anxiety. CBT is a technique which emphasizes changing negative thought patterns and focusing instead on present-day challenges. Self-management tools focused on mindfulness, relaxation, thought reframing and action to help the user take charge of their anxiety. Developed for teens, applicable to all.
Focus Topics
Anxiety, Stress
Time Commitment
Recommended Ages
All ages, designed for teens
Skills Fostered
Breathing technique, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Educational Content, Self-guided management, Thought reframing

Populations Most Likely To Benefit:

Teenagers struggling with anxiety and stress management, looking to develop coping skills and to learn more about their mental health

Suggested Use:

There is a broad array of tools and information available in the app, so can choose to use consistently or when seeking a particular resource

Favorite Features:

"Quick relief" activities, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, mood tracker, tips for healthy thinking

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Cost of App:

Free. Extra: None

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