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I Am Sober

Recovery-focused app with a withdrawal timeline, progress and milestone tracker, daily pledges, sobriety calculator (visualize cost savings from not buying substances), and the ability to share your story using your chosen username.
Focus Topics
Substance Use
Time Commitment
Recommended Ages
Skills Fostered
Motivation, Recovery, Self-guided management, Self-monitoring

Populations Most Likely To Benefit:

Individuals looking to maintain recovery through independent self-management and motivational content

Suggested Use:

Check in to track milestones once per week

Favorite Features:

Tracking tools for length of sobriety, milestones achieved, and money saved from not purchasing substances

Download I Am Sober

Cost of App:

Free. Extra: Locked access to tracking information, dark mode, bonus motivation packs, and a profile badge if opt in to paid subscription for $4.99/month or $49.99/year

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